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Edmund Optics

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Edmund Optics Inc offers Micro Video Lenses. These are harsh environment sealed lenses designed for infinite conjugate systems. These are ideal for automotive applications and come with weatherproof outdoor housing.

Edmund Scientific offers Tech Spec unmounted linear glass polarizing filters.

Edmund Scientific offers five different optics to meet various requirements ranging from focusing to collimation.

Edmund Scientific offers Rodenstock Rodagon lens Designed as enlarging lenses, these high-resolution CCD lenses can accommodate 1"format CCD sensors and larger.

Edmund Scientific offers laser pointer featuring viewable point up to 1,500 feet, and good beam quality

Edmund Optics, Barrington

Edmund Scientific offers an advanced high performance viewer.

Edmund Scientific offers a microprocessor-based pocket pH tester. Ideal for quick and easy pH checks in water conditioning plants, acquariums, and photographic labs, it has an accuracy of ±0.2 pH.

Paraline collimation tester is a bilateral image shearing interferometer for quickly and easily setting the collimation of laser beams.

Edmund Scientific offers a precision universal telescope. It is ideal for optical bench, alignment, measuring and other industrial observation applications. Close focus is 12"to infinity.

Edmund Scientific offers five different optics to meet various requirements, ranging from focusing to collimation.