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The AHU/Dehumidifier reduces moisture content from air significantly to desired level avoiding health and process related problems. In the process of reactivation, absorbed moisture and other contaminations are pushed out of conditioned area by means of ducting.

The Lighting Energy Saving System is a centralized system with SCENE Mag-Amp technology. It saves upto 30-40% of energy. With exclusive coil based SCENE micro-controller technology, online user setting as per process and site need extends benefits of flexibility and level optimisation.

The induction motor Energy Saving System is based on patented PWR (phase width recognition) principle. It is unique of its kind in India with saving of 10 to 40% and 4-6 month payback depending on application.

The Energy Conservation System uses ultra high efficiency transformers, with imported core, putting more reliability in their system. It comes with standard accessories like bypass switch, tap select switch, ammeter, voltmeter, MCB, etc.

Solid State Relay has load controlling capacities of 70-280 V AC up to 40 Amp current. Input control signal can be either 3-32 V DC or 230 V AC with current drain of 15 mA max.

The Ultrasonic Cleaning System is used for micron level cleaning of dirt, grease, rust, and sticky particles where conventional methods are inadequate.