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Dowell Moulds

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Model ID: ISBM Single Stage

Dowell Moulds manufacturers Injection Stretch Blow Mould. ISBM Mould is fastest available in the market with Lower Cycle Time and Higher Quality Product. They are the Manufacturer of complete mould for all ISBM Machine upto 24 Cavities including Injection Mould, Heating Pot, Blow Shell, Lip Cavity Plate, Lip Cavity, Blow Cores, etc. They are in Manufacturing of Complete Moulds for Beverages, Pharma and Cosmetics Industry.


Dowell Moulds manufacturers Spare Parts. They believe that excellent quality, satisfactory customer service and continuous innovation will propel us to set the benchmark for this industry and add everlasting satisfaction to our customers. They provide all types of spare parts of Hot Runner and Cold Runner Mould. They offer Standard parts and Customized Mould parts.


Dowell Moulds manufacturers Hot Runner Mould. They are a Trusted Name in the Industry for Manufacturing and Exporting Hot Runner Moulds. Mould is Exceptionally durable and it's meant to increase the Productivity Exponentially. It is made from High-Grade Tool Steel and is Resistant to Corrosion as well. This is ideal for making PET Container and Jar for the Plastic Industry. 


Dowell Moulds manufacturers Conversion Kit. They believe that Excellent Quality, Satisfactory Customer Service and Continuous Innovation will propel us to set the Benchmark in this Industry & add Everlasting Satisfaction to their Customers. They offer High Quality Conversion Kit for all type of Domestic and Imported Moulds.

Dowell Moulds manufacturers Closures Mould. It is a fast running Plastics Conversion process for Caps and Closures providing an efficient processing in terms of short cycle times and low energy consumption. 

Model ID: ISBM Two Stage

Dowell Moulds manufacturers Injection Stretch Blow Mould. In the two-stage process, the preforms are moulded in a dedicated injection moulding system which produces fully-cooled preforms.

Dowell Moulds manufacturers Extrusion Blow Mould. Extrusion Blow Moulding is a manufacturing process used to produce hollow parts that range in size from large septic tanks to small eye-drop squeeze bottles.

Dowell Moulds manufacturers Injection Blow Mould. The process of Injection Blow Moulding (IBM) is used for the production of hollow glass and plastic objects in large quantities.

Dowell Moulds manufacturers Hot Runner Closures Mould. Dowell Moulds is a leading manufacturer of Hot Runner Closure Mould. They offer vast range of products for all type of plastic closures with hot runner technology.

Dowell Moulds manufacturers Hot Runner Cap Mould. At Dowell Moulds, they design and manufacture Cap and Closure Mould for beverage industry. Moulds are optimized for high-speed, high cavitations, high-volume applications.