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Coatec India

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Coatec India, established in 1992, under the banner ‘Making Technology Affordable™’, supplies Dip Spin Machine for Zinc Flake coating of bulk parts like fasteners.

Coatec India offers a Building Automation System (BAS) – a network of dedicated microcontrollers designed to control various parts of a building, such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, elevators, blinds, boilers, chillers, fans, and other parts of the building infrastructure.

Coatec India is a leading manufacturer of surface coating equipment, CNC Laser/Plasma/Water jet/Oxy Fuel profile cutting machines as well as industrial automation and robotics.

Coatec India offers under a single roof all four super specialised segments of CNC Profile Cutting Technologies, viz.

Glide Coating is a generic name for polyamide coating. The process has been simplified for small and medium enterprises.

Phosphating System is the mostly used pre-treatment method called as phosphating. Phosphate coating is the layer formed on surface, which includes iron, zinc or manganese crystals.

Dip Spin Coating System is used on bulk items like, fasteners to coat them with paint or specialty coatings. The equipment has been tested on-line during the process and approved after relentless testing.

Cathodic Electro Deposited Coating is extensively used in the automotive industry. In this process, the component after phosphate pre treated is dipped in the bath of E-coat chemicals and given an electric charge.

The Robotic Solution is a programmable system that works on servomotor with an absolute encoder and brake to ensure restarting from the point where the work stopped due to power failure.