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Carbon dioxide type fire extinguisher is suitable for `B’ and `C’ class of fire involving all flammable liquids, gases, live and delicate, machinery, fire, electrical and sophisticated electronic equipments fires transformer and switchgear fire.

Mechanical foam fire extinguishers (store pressure and cartridge type) is suitable for `A’ and `B’ class of fire involving materials like wood, paper, textiles, oil, petroleum products, grease, etc; burning solids such as paper, wood, fibres and plastics, etc; and burning liquids such as oil, petrol, thinner kerosene, etc.

Dry powder ABC (stored pressure) type fire extinguisher contains phosphate, which is effective for `A’ `B’ and `C’ class fires.

Dry chemical power type fire extinguisher (cartridge type) is effective for `B’ and `C’ class of fire involving materials like oil, fact, solvents, gases, paint, varnish, electrical wiring, etc.

Clean agent fire extinguishers are suitable for class `A’ `B’ and `C’ fires. These are available in capacity 1, 2 and 5 kg. Welded cylinders as well as seamless cylinders are available.