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C Bole & Co

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C. Bole & Co. offers a wide range of Seal-Less Magnetic Drive MonoblockChemical Process Pumps which ensures 100% leakproof operation. These pumps are ideal for transfer of corrosive chemicals, acids, dyes, solvents, toxic and fuming liquids, petrol, kerosene, water etc.

C Bole & Co offers MonexTwin Lobes Rotary Air Blowers and Compressors. Twin Lobes Rotary Air Blowers are manufactured using advanced assembly and manufacturing techniques.

C Bole & Co offers MonexCentrifugal Industrial Fans & Exhausters. Centrifugal fans are designed for large volume of air at relatively low pressure.Monex fans are constructed from fabricated steel plates reinforced with stiffnerswhere necessary making the fans robust and efficient.

C Bole & Co, Mumbai

C Bole & Co offers Monex Centrifugal Blowers. Blowers are designed to give continuous, constant and efficient blow and pressure. Casing constructed from fabricated steel plates and reinforced by angle irons for strength. Impeller is made of steel vanes, securely revetted and welded to the rotor giving balanced and dynamic run.

C Bole & Co offers Monex high-pressure powerised Hydraulic Test Pump. This is suitable to test pressure from 25 kg/cm² to 700 kg/cm².

C Bole & Co offers a wide range of positive displacement rotary gear pumps for handling oil and other semi viscous liquids. Features: These pumps find applications for furnace oils, fuel oils, molasses, paints and pigments, castor oils, gasoline, inks, gums, sizing liquids, glue,etc.

C Bole & Co, Mumbai

C Bole & Co offers Chemical Process Pumps for a wide range of applications in chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, oil refineries, paper mills, sugar mills, dairy, pesticides, pharmaceutical industries and steel plants.