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BOC India Limited

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BOC India offers Hand Protection Gloves.

BOC India offers Manual Metal Arc Welding Machine.

Boc India offers Gas Welding & Cutting Kit.

BOC India offers an inverter, Model MMA 200. This is a constant current (CC) type inverter manual arc welding set where the welding current does not change with the change in arc length.

Model ID: MIG 400 T
The 400 A rated MIG welding machine with world-class technology is designed to meet specific needs.

BOC India manufactures 3 Seat Cutting Nozzles. It maintains a stable gas flow resulting in high quality cutting that is clean and smooth. It is made of high copper content which conducts heat transfer that will keep the tip relatively cool and minimise slag adherence.

BOC India Limited, Kolkata

BOC offers high precision flow meters in two ranges: 0–30 LPM for GTAW (TIG welding), 0-40 LPM for GMAW (MIG welding).

Flexible single-line hoses for use with welding, cutting and allied processes in workshops, shipyards, construction sites and manufacturing industries.

BOC India Limited, Kolkata