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Anoop Ceramics

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Anoop Ceramics offers Cones & Pulleys. These are used for wire drawing applications (Ferrous and Non -Ferrous). These are made from stabilised Zirconia & Aluminium Oxide having an outstanding service life and exhibit exceptional resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Anoop Ceramics offers Aluminium Oxide / Zirconia Thread Guides. These are very hard material, inert to all acids and alkaline solutions used in textile industry, and a very good heat conductor. These guides are provided as fired or with polished surfaces with very close tolerances.

Anoop Ceramics offers Seal Rings & Plungers. Alumina pump seals of high purity material have added a new dimension to the mechanical seal design. These are available in 80% Alumina to 99.8%. These have wide application in industrial and automobile water pumps.

Anoop Ceramics, Bengaluru

Anoop Ceramics offers Kiln Furniture & Hangers. These are available with high temperature & high thermal shock in different grades upto 99.5% Alumina. These are commonly known as anchors, hooks, bobbins, tubes and rods. These are available in different shape and size.

Anoop Ceramics offers Steatite & Alumina Ceramic Insulators. These are used in all types of communication devices operating at a very high voltage and high frequency. These are also used in mobile communication, outdoor broadcasting vans, microwave antennas and super power transmitters. These are available in different shape and size.