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Anoop Ceramics

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Anoop Ceramics offers Cones & Pulleys. These are used for wire drawing applications (Ferrous and Non -Ferrous). These are made from stabilised Zirconia & Aluminium Oxide having an outstanding service life and exhibit exceptional resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Anoop Ceramics offers Aluminium Oxide / Zirconia Thread Guides. These are very hard material, inert to all acids and alkaline solutions used in textile industry, and a very good heat conductor. These guides are provided as fired or with polished surfaces with very close tolerances.

Anoop Ceramics offers Seal Rings & Plungers. Alumina pump seals of high purity material have added a new dimension to the mechanical seal design. These are available in 80% Alumina to 99.8%. These have wide application in industrial and automobile water pumps.

Anoop Ceramics, Bengaluru

Anoop Ceramics offers Kiln Furniture & Hangers. These are available with high temperature & high thermal shock in different grades upto 99.5% Alumina. These are commonly known as anchors, hooks, bobbins, tubes and rods. These are available in different shape and size.

Anoop Ceramics offers partial stabilised & fully stabilised Zirconia Products have wide application in wear abrasion, impact corrosion, high temperatures, and other industrial applications. Partial stabilised zirconia with Yittria, Ceria, Calcia or Magnesia provides solutions for industrial applications.