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Ador Welding Limited

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Ador Welding Limited offers MIG/MAG Welding Outfits, Ranger 403/503.

Model ID: Thyroluxe 1000, 1200
Ador Welding Limited offers thyristor based DC Welders, Thyroluxe 1000, 1200.

Model ID: Champ Multi 400 (FCAW)
Ador Welding offers an IGBT inverter based welding power source with Synergic operation, Model Champ Multi 400 (FCAW), suitable for self shielded FCAW and MMA welding applications.

Model ID: CHAMP 163/253/403
Ador Welding Limited offers Inverter Based DC Welders, Champ 163/253/403.

Model ID: Champ 400
Ador Welding offers an inverter based indigenous DC Welder, Model Champ 400, a new world class DC welder.

Model ID: Red Series
The Red Series are single phase welding transformers, with F class insulation. These user-friendly AC arc welders can be easily manoeuvred from job to job on the shop floor, with stepless, smooth and infinitely variable current regulation.

Ador Welding offers Welding Consumables. These are suited to welding and fabrication fields such as automobile, shipping, railways, steel, sugar, coal and mines, oil and natural gas, chemical and fertilizer to food processing, pipelines, cement and construction.

Model ID: Tiger NM
Ador Welding Limited offers Gas Cutting Machine, Tiger NM. It is a heavy duty portable gas cutting machine with facility of clutch arrangement for easy manual movement of machine

Ador Welding Ltd offers a wide range of welding set, diesel engine driven.

The Celwel range of cellulosic electrodes is meant for pipe welding applications. Features: all-position electrodes including vertical down, ideal for cross-country pipeline welding (stove pipe welding technique or 6 GR applications); deep penetrating forceful arc; consistency in performance batch after batch; etc.