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Accumet Products

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Accumet Products offers a Coating Thickness Gauge, Series CM8801, a palm size economical instrument with one hand operation.

Accumet Products, Mumbai

Accumet Products offers a palm size Metal Hardness Tester, HARTIP 1800B, an advanced, state-of-the-art model with many new features and high accuracy.

Mini Digital Protractor is a compact and lightweight (127 g) measuring and setting instrument with magnetic base.

Accumet offers 3-Point Bore Gauge, TRIGABORE. It has high accuracy, versatility and easy operation (no special skill required) makes it one of the most popular bore measuring system. It is ergonomically designed Pistol-grip holder enables the user a single-handed operation.

Accumet Products, Mumbai

Accumet force (Push-Pull) gauge is hand held instrument for testing tension and compression forces accurately.

Accumet Products, Mumbai

Microcators are precision comparators having special torsion-type mechanism different from the mechanism of conventional plunger-type dial gauges.

Internal Groove Dial Calliper is extremely useful for checking of internal groove diameters, recessed bores and plain bores. This ise available in the range from 3 mm to 200 mm and resolution of 0.025 mm or 0.01 mm as per the model.

These are handy instruments for measuring and setting angles. These can be placed on the surfaces such as table of machine, testing devices etc.

Model ID: Shore A & D

These are hand held hardness testers for Rubber, Plastics, Polymers & similar materials.

Digital Force Gauges are used for testing tension and compression forces very accurately.