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Model ID: Therm 300
Vaiseshika Electron Devices offers a Digital Thermometer, Therm 300. This is a portable battery operated and hand-held instrument. It can measure the temperature from -100 to +1370°C with the help of chromel-alumel (K-type) thermocouple.

Model ID: Type 8400-HV
Vaiseshika offer a Decade Megohm Box, Type 8400-HV. This high stability box is the compact and rugged high value resistance calibration standard. It provides the values in the denomination of 0.1 Meg, 1.0 Meg, 10.0 Meg, 100 Meg, 1000 Meg, 10000 Meg, 1 Giga, 10 Giga, 100 Giga and 1000 Giga ohms. This means that this high resistance calibration standard provide resistance value from 0.1 Meg to 1000 Giga ohm with an accuracy of ± 2% up to 1000 Megohm and ±5% from 1000 Megohm to 1000 Giga ohm.

Model ID: Type 2005
Vaiseshika has introduced state-of-the-art (PC interface) cable length meter. The cable length meters are designed for fast, easy and accurate measurement of cable or conductor length.

Vaiseshika Electron Device, Ambala

Vaiseshika Electron Devices offers Cable Length Meters. It is designed for fast, easy and accurate measurement of cable or conductor length. It is also equipped with a selection switch for copper or aluminium cables.

Vaiseshika Electron Devices offers the senior/industrial Kelvin double bridge type: 9403/9404. Type: 9403 is an important instrument in the measurement of very low resistances of the order of 0.1 micro ohm.

Model ID: 9407
Vaiseshika precision vernier potentiometer, Type: 9407 is designed for the measurement of a high order accuracy. The potentiometer is having measurement range from 0 to 1.90100 V. It is having measurement accuracy of 0.005% and resolution of 0.1 microvolt.

Vaiseshika Electron Devices' ring dynamometer consists of a steel load ring with a fully jewelled dial indica- tor to show the deflection under load.

Vaiseshika Electron Device, Ambala

Model ID: Type 9404 (Industrial)
Vaiseshika offers Kelvin double bridge instruments for measuring resistance. Type 9404 (Industrial) is an important instrument in the measurement of very low resistances

Morehouse universal calibrating machine is a device in which a load cell and a proving ring can be positioned and loaded in series with a mechanical force.

Morehouse dead weight load cell calibrator has standard capacities ranging from 500 lb to 30,000 lb or equivalent in kgf/newtons. The calibrations can be done in both, tension and compression modes.