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Toshniwal Industries Pvt Ltd

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Toshniwal Industries offers a range of Rheostats that are mainly used for regulating electric current in industry and laboratory where they are used as adjustable resistors in electronic circuits.

Toshniwal Industries in business partnership with Datapaq Limited, UK the world leaders in temperature profiling systems for use in hostile environments.

Toshniwal Industries Pvt Ltd, Ajmer

Toshniwal Industries has introduced a Thermographic Kiln Shell Scanning system for sponge iron industries designed by world known infrared thermometer manufacturer, Raytek, USA to continuously monitor the temperature of kiln shell surface and display the same on the PC in control room enabling operator to detect hot and cold spots on the kiln shell.

Toshniwal Industries Pvt Ltd, Ajmer

Model ID: Fluke Ti20

Fluke Ti20 is a uniquely powerful and affordable portable thermal imager. This is a thermal imager with a solid feature set and a high level of functionality for the price.

Model ID: Model MRIF

Fibre Optic Ratio Thermometer, Model MRIF, uses two-colour infrared measurement to provide superior accuracy in harsh environments.