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Saillon India

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Seri-mount Net helps in uniform cocoon formation and also maintains hygienic conditions for a better growth.

Tea Withering Net is used in tea gardens for withering of tea leaves for maintaining its original taste and flavour.

The Shed Separation Net is available in the following specifications: Colour: Black; Width: 2.00 Mtr; Length: 25.00 Mtr; Aperture: 28 mm x 28 mm (+/- 2mm).

Plaster Reinforcement Mesh Net is made of Fibreglass & PVC.

Plaster Reinforcement Nets are used to prevent cracks on concrete surfaces, reinforcement creed, reinforcement of cold water proofing systems.

Shopping Bags can be made in different patterns to suit the latest tread for longer life as compared to conventional poly-bag.

Razor Barbed Wire is mostly made of hot-dipped galvanized steel wire and stainless steel wire.

Barbed Wires are wire products of great versatility, as they allow to be installed over wire fences for small farms and sites.

Saillon India has designed an Insulation Net to stabilise and reinforce rolled or blown insulation. This net secures insulation without deforming or displacing it.