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Qingdao Taiyue Plastics Co., Ltd.

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Stretch Film is wrapped around items and pallets. It is an affordable way to protect pallet load as well as keep items clean during transport.

Bubble film is also called air bubble film, bubble wrap, LLDPE air bubble film and so on.

Double Bubble Double Foils Insulation Material is made of one layer low heat conductivity bubble film sandwiched between two low emissive aluminum foils.

Qingdao Taiyue Plastics Co., Ltd., Qingdao

Multi -foil Insulation material acts as good thermal barriers, and available in 38 mm thickness.

Qingdao Taiyue Plastics Co., Ltd., Qingdao

Single Foam Foil Insulation is used for reducing heat and cold loss.

Qingdao Taiyue Plastics Co., Ltd., Qingdao