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Pyrotek India Private Limited

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Pyrotek offers Tri-Metallic Transition Inserts. Pyrotek transition inserts "clads" are manufactured exclusively by Spur Industries.

Pyrotek India Private Limited, Chennai

Pyrotek offers Electrical Insulation Components specifically manufactured to meet the arduous conditions encountered in aluminium smelter potrooms and other applications. Resins and reinforcements are used to create a wide range of laminated and random fiber / resin composites.

Pyrotek India Private Limited, Chennai

Pyrotek offers Ceramic Foam Filters. SIVEX® ceramic foam filters are used throughout the world to filter molten aluminium. SIVEX filters clean aluminium used for beverage can applications, aircraft alloys and all other critical applications.

Pyrotek uses high-quality materials and modern manufacturing processes to provide reliable Safety Clothing both operators and employers can trust.

Pyrotek India Private Limited, Chennai