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Power Services

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Power Services offers Digital Universal Automatic Battery Charger.

Power services offers Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS).

Power Service offers Smps Based Battery Charger.

Power Services offers Lighting Transformers.

Power Services offers Engine Protection Relay. It protects the engine from over speed, low oil pressure, and low fuel, hi-radiator temperature. It has an electronics protection system that gets input from various sensors of speed, oil pressure, fuel-level, and radiator-temperature. These inputs are constantly monitored and compared with their respective limiting values.

Power Services, Kolkata

Power Services offers Battery Charger Controllers. It is designed for automation of battery charging in panel boards. Many electrical control systems require battery back-ups. To keep these batteries in healthy conditions, it is desirable that a reliable charging system should e built in.

Power Services offers Automatic Battery Chargers, Series PABC. It is a reliable charger for dedicated back up supply source for industrial control devices, starting of DG sets, etc. It has IC controlled voltage monitoring circuitry for constant check on battery voltage and automatic selection of mode of charging.

Power House offers next generation digital panel meters and process indicators. With a wide range, these meters measure electrical parameters like AC volts, amperes, frequency, power, DC volts, amperes and process inputs like 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-20 mV, etc.

Power Services, Kolkata

Power House offers wide range of phase failure0 and protective relays for motor and device protection and safety. These relays sense the negative sequence and unbalance of the system supply and protect 3-phase motors and other loads.

Power Services, Kolkata