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Laktas Wire Mesh Pvt. Ltd.

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Laktas Wire Mesh Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of Wire Mesh for use in industries like construction, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, paper, etc.

Laktas Wire Mesh Pvt. Ltd. offers Industrial Gratings in stainless steel and all other high end alloys like Monel, with different openings of cross bar and bearing bar typically to suit the individual requirement of the customers.

Laktas Wire Mesh Pvt. Ltd. offers Wedge Wire Screen. Wedge Wire Screens are manufactured by Triangular wires rigidly welded to rods or flat bars to form a precise opening.

Laktas Wire Mesh Pvt. Ltd. offers Welded Wire Mesh. Weld mesh is one of the most versatile of all wire cloth products. Weld mesh is a welded steel wire mesh manufactured from bright drawn mild steel wire, electrically welded at all intersections.