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Envair Electrodyne offers a wide range of Custom designed clean room to cater to almost every end use application, ranging from pharmaceuticals to space research.

ENVAIR Air Showers are fully automatic, electrically operated units, that give personnel a high velocity clean air wash, before they enter controlled clean-air environments.

Envair Electrodyne Ltd. offer Electrostatic Cleaner.

Envair Electrodyne Ltd. offers Electrostatic Air Cleaners.

Envair Air Curtains form invisible thermal as well as dust barriers between controlled and outside environments.

Fan Filter Unit(FFU) is air cleaning equipment to supply purified air to the clean room for manufacturing electronics components, food products, pharmaceuticals, health care or any precision engineering products.

Envair Electrodyne Ltd. offer Hepa Filter.

Envair Electrodyne Ltd. offer Laminar Flow Workstation.

Envair Electrodyne Ltd. offer Welding Fume Extractor & Oil Mist Collector.

Envair Electrodyne Ltd, Pune

Envair Electrodyne Ltd. offer Bio-Safety Cabinet.