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Durr India Pvt Ltd

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Dürr India specializes in paint and assembly systems.

Durr India Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Dürr Group has introduced EcoBell3, a new generation of Atomizers for the Electrostatic Application of water-based paints in conjunction with external charging.

Durr India Pvt Ltd, Chennai

In the field of painting equipment technology, Dürr has introduced a new variant of its high performance Ecopaint RoDip dip-painting process.

Durr India Pvt Ltd, Chennai

The EcoLCC colour changer reduces paint losses from more than 40 ml to 8 ml per colour change and shortens the colour change time to less than 10 seconds

Thermal Exhaust Air Oxidiser comes from Dürr India Pvt. Ltd. From chemical and pharmaceutical to the automotive industries, the thermal exhaust air oxidiser (TAR) ensures clean air for all applications.