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Belmark Industries

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Belmark Industries offers Cooling Rollers, with hard chrome plated surface. Cooled water passing through its Rotary joint to cools the hard chrome plated surface area of the Roll. Cools the contact area that touches the web materials or rubber rolls.

Belmark Industries offers Air Expanding Shaft. For fast changeover of un-winder/winder roll air expanding shafts are required for core holding. Through its air valve air can fill and the airshaft will hold the core by expanding the rubber bladder.

Belmark Industries offers Safety Chucks. Safety chucks are square bar holding for un-winder & winder. Against requirement of weight to be handled safety chucks size 32mm, 38mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm or 3”.

Belmark Industries, Ahmedabad

Belmark Industries offers Hard Chrome Roll / Guide Roll. All web manufacturing, processing, converting, printing, lamination, Textiles, Tyre-cord processing Rollers are used in Hard chrome plated, Rubber coated, Aluminium as Guide Rolls, Idler Roller, Pressure Roller, Accumulator Roller, Tension Roller, support roller in various stages of manufacturing or web converting or processing.

Belmark Industries offers Slat Expander Rolls. These are used for wrinkle removing on coating machines, which is available in standard 6 inches diameter. Normally plain surface but some applications serration is required on surface for gripping.