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Asia Automation Pvt Ltd

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Asia Automation offers plant monitoring system for data acquisition of various machines on plant and to identify the productivity and operator efficiency at a glance. The detailed down time analysis allows greater asset utilisation.

Asia Automation Pvt Ltd offers a Distributed Control System, which is an integrated solution for process automation at par with international standards and wide range from a “simple control system to full plant automation”.

Asia Automation offers a Die Casting Machine Controller, an ideal solution for die casting machine automation.

Electronic cam switch (absolute position/resolver interface) is an electronic version of mechanical cam limit switch.

Asia Automation Pvt Ltd, Pune

Model ID: DL 1-12/24

The DL 1-12/24 is a data logger used to record battery voltages and battery current for one circuit during the battery charging discharging cycle.

Asia Automation Pvt Ltd, Pune

The electronic Let Off and Take Up controller offers the best control and retrofit option for air jet and water jet weaving machines of different makes like Dornier, Tsudakoma, Nissan, Toyoda, Sulzer, Himson, etc.

Asia Automation Pvt Ltd offers an Injection/Shot Monitoring System. Injection monitoring system gives the graphical representation of injection cycle.

Asia Automation (India) offers C-Type Stamping Press Automation. Salient features: microprocessor based controller; precise top stop; crank angle indication - clock type LED display; auto computation for clutch and brake operation; etc.

Asia Automation Pvt Ltd, Pune

The Distributed Charger Control System (DCCS) is a complete system for controlling multiple chargers. The system not only controls but also registers data from each battery bank at programmed events. This gives a complete control solution for charging/formation process.


OMNICUT CNC is a state of the art CNC for cutting machines. It is a microprocessor based system with international standard features and offers a functional and viable import substitute.