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Alano Motors Pvt Ltd

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Alano Motors offers Forklift, alano-640 with Fork Lift FL 253. alano FEL 253 is designed to lift and stack 200 KG of weight effortlessly. This implement width is also in flush with alano-640 and this helps in better maneuverability even in narrow passages.

Alano Motors offers Trailer, alano Trailer 4W780. It is in compact design helps the smart boy to deliver optimized transportation needs, in-house. It is engineered for stability along with alano-640.

Model ID: Smart Boy
Alano Motors Pvt Ltd has launched an innovative Sweeping Machine, Model Smart Boy, with unparalleled benefits.

Model ID: Alano-640
Model Alano-640, the self propelled multi-utility, ride on, Industrial Power Sweeper is built to sweep debris and waste efficiently.

Model ID: A1300S
Alano Motors is a company formed by technocrats with a small but strong team of uniformly trained young professionals from automotive backgrounds.

Sweeping machines is built to sweep debris and waste efficiently. It can sweep anything from dirt, dust, metal shavings, bolt & nuts, paper, wood pieces, stone pebbles, leaves and whatever you want to clean off in your day today life.