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Pressure & Temperature Control Instrument Co offers a range of temperature and pressure recorders. Features: This is a high-accuracy temperature and pressure recorder with internal battery and non-volatile memory for deployment at high depths; this is intended for moorings or other long-term,etc.

Model ID: TCAL 1350/1650
Dry Block Temperature Calibrator, Model – TCAL 1350/1650 has micro controller based linearized high accuracy.

Model ID: BCAL 11200
High Temperature Black Body Source for calibrating high range non-contact IR thermometer.

Sansel temperature controller comes with the following features: 4-digit micro controller based linearised and high accuracy, selectable inputs J, K, R, S, T, Pt-100; programmable range and resolution.

Model ID: Model 2003
The Oil & Winding Temperature Indicator, Model 2003 is a high performance, precision mercury switch instrument with +/- 2.5°C accuracy, capable of temperature monitoring, indication & control, for the protection of transformers from 5 MVA rating.

Model ID: TCAL 080
The Ultra Low Temperature Bath, Model TCAL 080 range ambient temperature to –80°C.

American Sensor Technologies (AST) offers an innovative pressure/temperature sensor, and pressure/temperature transmitter that provides both pressure and temperature outputs from a single process point.

Model ID: TMP-488

Temperature Indicator & Controller accept input from thermocouple like J, K, R, S, T & PT-100 for controlling the temperature of various process in the industries.

Model ID: TMP-107

Loop Powered Temperature Transmitter accepts input from temperature sensors and converts into the linear 4-20mA outputs are been given to the PLC, DCS, controller and alarm system.

Hi-Tech Industries is engaged in the field of testing equipment since 1998. Initially the company started as job vendor and now with considerable experience in this field, hold the ability to produce best quality products in this field.

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