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Model ID: MX
The PSA Nitrogen Generator, Model MX, generates the Commercial Grade Nitrogen upto 99.8% Purity. The higher purity from MX Model is uneconomical, especially the capital cost increases tremendously.

Model ID: DX
The PSA Nitrogen Generator, Model DX, utilizes palladium as a catalyst for removal of oxygen & moisture contents upto 1-PPM Level with utmost desirable reducing constituent hydrogen (adjustable).

Model ID: CU-DX
The PSA Nitrogen Generator, Model CU-DX, is the second type of Deoxo Unit, which uses copper for the endothermic reaction and removal of extra oxygen. The moisture and hydrogen contents are maintained upto 1-PPM level.

The PSA Nitrogen Generator consists of all equipment (except air compressor and nitrogen vessel), which are mounted and interconnected on a heavy-duty skid. It is fully pre-assembled & pre-wired and runs automatically without any constant operator attendance.

Indostan Corporation offers Deno Nitrogen Generators that are based on membrane technology. Capacity ranges from 100 Nm3/hr up to 1540 Nm3/hr with a purity of 95% or 98%. Quality of the inlet air is controlled by carbon filter and fine dust filter together with a heater ensuring an effective use of the membranes.

Spantech Engineers undertakes Revamping of PSA Nitrogen Generator. A nitrogen generator is generally taken out of service due to mechanical malfunctioning (eg, valves not operating, control system not working) or for not delivering nitrogen at the rated capacity and/or purity.

The On-Site Nitrogen Generator is attractive, economical equipment to generate nitrogen on-site, ie, near the use points by separating out the oxygen using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process.

Nitrogen is an important input for a wide variety of industries. It is used for inert atmosphere, sparing, filling, transfer, and many other applications.

Metafab Engineers India Private Limited offers a Nitrogen Generator.

Spantech Engineers offers Old PSA Nitrogen Generator Repair / Upgradation Services. A Nitrogen Generator is generally taken out of service due to mechanical malfunctioning or for not delivering Nitrogen at the rated capacity and/or purity.

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