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Nitrogen is generated from atmospheric air by installing a captive PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) generator.

Compressed air is passed over special grade of molecular sieves bed in twin tower system (PSA type) for generation of oxygen.

The ammonia decomposition furnace Gas Generation Device decomposes with the effect of catalyst to produce strong reducing protective gas with 75% of hydrogen and 25% of nitrogen.

Chromatography & Instruments Co (CIC) has launched a multi gas generator based on KOH electrolysis for the first time in India. The attractively designed generators are compact and modular in design occupying a minimum of precious bench space.

Adsortech Engineers Pvt Ltd offers an On-Site Nitrogen Generator. This is an apparatus that sieves out oxygen from pure compressed air allowing nitrogen to flow as product gas.

Air Care Equipments offers PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators, which produce nitrogen gas from atmospheric air by PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology.

Prithvi Engineering Enterprises offers PSA Oxygen Gas Generator.

Prithvi Engineering Enterprises offers PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator, which is based on P.S.A Technology and that is called "PRESSURE SWING ADSORPTION".

Sunrise Instruments Pvt Ltd offers a high performance range of portable Nitrogen Gas Generators, highly appreciated by clients for the efficiency and quality.

Chromatography & Instruments Co offers various types of indigenously manufactured gas generators. These are available for laboratory applications with purity ranging from 99.0% to 99.9999%.

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