Worm Gear Reducers For Aggressive Environments

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Motovario Gear Solutions offers a range of Worm Gear Reducers for Aggressive Environments, in NMRX and SWX series. The need to provide geared motors suitable for use in wet and corrosive environments has led the company to design a new product range specific to these fields. These products use mater...

MOTOVARIO Gear Solutions Private Limited

MOTOVARIO Gear Solutions Private Limited established in 1965 in the town of Formigine, at the heart of the Modena industrial district, Motovario has grown to become one of the most important Italian and European manufacturers of gear units for industrial and civil applications. In 1998 Motovario purchased Spaggiari Transmission, a well-known company with thirty years experience in mechanical technology, thereby expanding its know-how and commercial position in the market.

The main production work is carried out in the establishments of Formigine and Ubersetto, with 50,000 square meters of facilities and a staff of around 500. Over the years the Motovario Group has developed a strategy aimed at consolidating the brand’s presence on the global market and strengthening its sales policies on an international scale.

In 2006 Motovario was taken over by the Italian investment fund Synergo SGR to manage the company’s development and support its growth worldwide. 45 years after its foundation, Motovario has proved its capacity to grow in step with the swings of the market, giving itself a flexible structure and consolidating its place as a market leader in its sector.

Motovario offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of numerous industrial sectors such as mechanical speed variators, helical and helical bevel gear reducers, shaft mounted, worm gear reducers, electric motors and motoinverters. Quality and precision are ensured by the cutting-edge technologies applied in the production process. The efficiency of the company’s manufacturing divisions is guaranteed by 170 numerically controlled (NC) machines, with semi-finished products handled by robots and stored by LGV lines in automatic warehouse.

The assembly lines, fully managed by a dedicated computer system, are interfaced with the goods-in-process warehouse, from which they are automatically supplied. The statistical process control system, which governs the entire manufacturing process and ensures the highest quality, works in parallel with the processing start-up control of each production lot. This makes it possible to monitor every step of production and allows the NC work stations to self-adjust their parameters by constantly surveying the dimensions and position of the workpiece being processed.

Motovario products are reliable, robust and versatile – the best-qualified solution for any requirement in power transmission.