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  • WT-480T/R

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Meicheng Tour guide system WT-480T / R is a UHF wireless tour guide system which performs better signal quality to get low S/N radio (signal noise) than VHF does. The WT-480R receiver has a hang-type earphone, simultaneously transferring 16 selectable channels and 6 channels parallel without inte...

Meicheng Audio Video Co , Limited (Manufacturer)

We are researching & developing the "Virtual Studio Layout" and building up the laboratory size "Virtual Studio". You should try it while you have our "Virtual Studio". You can do the de-blue background effect (chromakey) if you have "Blue Cinema Screen". This is like (a) forecaster stand before the blue screen in the studio then you de-blue the background and add the weather pictures or video. You also can do the video / audio processing as edition, fade in / fade out, picture in picture, video and audio mixing, Still, Strobe, Mosaic, Paint, and Negative, etc. special digital effect. This will make you as a professional media editor to produce a perfect (films). I believe this will inspire you a lot of ideas to the Audio / Video system. Please visit our product website to get more detail information.

Portable MP4 Video Recorder has a 3.5" LCD, digital camera pix storage, music (MP3, RM, etc.) / video player, and portable storage device. It is sure an e-Learning tool to keep learning anywhere. Portable Multi Media System has a high resolution ( 800 X 480 ) 7 inches TFT?LCD, Slot-in type DVD / VCD / CD loader, and 6 in 1 card reader (CF / MMC / SM / MS / SD). This will be car driver's lover especially a long time journey.

Computer Management Conference System, Video Camera Auto-Track System, Professional Conference System. DigiRec Microphone (Broadcast System) is an assistant for your daily broadcasting work in Bus Station, Railway Station, Subway Station, Airport, Music Hall, and others public places. It is a Digital Recording Microphones for public address and has 128 MB flash memory to storage about 120 min of the daily broadcasting material such as oral speech, CD music individually. DigiRec Microphone allows you to intermit the oral speech during the broadcasting to handle the live situation as person searching, vehicle number notice, etc. Digital Audio System is a multifunctional device. It is a DAB and FM radio receiver to enjoy high level music, and a CD recorder and player. You can listen to the DAB, FM, and CD music and record the favorite music from DAB, FM radio stations to CD. You should enjoy the royally high quality and high class of the music via Digital Audio System.

The system provides high audio quality and interference-free transmission reliability, providing high-level sound and engineering UHF wireless system. Tour Guide System of light weight 16 channel personal portable units developed for commentary or narration on guided tours for individuals or for groups in situations such as museums, zoos, factories, gardens, or outside events. Tour Guide System can do the SNG / ENG Live report, CUE / THEATER / OPERA / PERFORMANCE, etc. PA-100 digital MP3 microphone is your good helper to do digital recording or addressing. DigiRec Microphone PA-100 is mainly used in multi-language translation system and can be associated with the desktop IN-EAR Monitor Transmitter EJ-880T. EJ-880T transmits Languages to receivers (WT-480R) up to 6 languages simultaneous in International Conference. Tour Guide TG-3 provides you with substantial amount of information on hundreds of exhibits in several languages. Audio guide makes it easy for you to share a story in any time, any language about MP3 format. You can find below mutual products in different languages: Meicheng WT-480T/R system, Group Tour, Tour Guide, Travel Guide System, Gruppenführungen, Führungen für Gruppen, Spielraum-Führer, Audiophone, Audioguidage, Sistemi radio per gruppi, Visite Guidate di Gruppo, Guidate di Gruppo, Radioguía para grupo, Guía Turístico, Guía del Recorrido, Grup turu Rehberli?i, etc. Meicheng EJ-880T IN-EAR Monitor Transmitter are Multilanguage Translation System, Mehrsprachiges Übersetzung System, Système traduction multilingue, Sistema traduzione multilingue, Sistema traducción multilingue, Simultaneous Interpretation, Simultane Deutung, Interprétation Conférence, Interpretazione Simultanea, Interpretación Simultánea, Simultaantolken, Conference System, Konferenzanlagen, Systèmes Conférences, Sistema Congresso, Sistema Conferencia, Listen Transmitter, Listening System, Audio Conference, etc. Meicheng TG-3 Tour Guide are Audio Guide, Audio Tour, Reiseführer, Stadtführung, Audio Führer, Guide Audio, Excursion Audio, Guide Touristique, Audio Guida, Guida Turistica, Audioguía, Guía Turístico, Guía Audio, Audio Rehberler, etc.