Wireless Sensors And Instrument System

Wireless Sensors And Instrument System

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Radix Electrosystems Private Limited offers Wireless Sensors And Instrument System. Wireless Transmitter - Receiver system is designed to measure temperature and relative humidity and to send it across wirelessly to the receiver station for data logging and monitoring purpose. An Hastle free, eas...

Radix Electrosystems Private Limited

Radix is one of India's leading process instrumentation companies, established in 1980. Radix has one of best design competencies in India, and is known for the quality and reliability of its products. Its manufacturing facilities in Mumbai and Pune are ISO9001:2000 certified. It has sales offices in all the major Indian cities. Radix has over 200 employees and 2000 customers in India. It also exports to the highly discerning German and other European markets.From simple RTDs to complex SCADA systems, Radix provides a one-stop solution that simplifies your sourcing in many applications.Radix also offers End-to-End Solutions in Automation.