Wireless 4 Channel Data Logger

Wireless 4 Channel Data Logger

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Sunsui Process systems offers Wireless 4 Channel Data Logger, which consists of 1 receiver and a maximum 52 nos of wireless Loggers. It is a battery powered unit which can read an analog input and a digital input, can store the data and can transmit the data to reiceiver on dem and AC. Each data log...

Technical Specifications

  • Wireless Communication - 2.4 GHz lincence free communication 200 mtrs to up to 2kms
  • ADC resolution - 18 bit analog to digital conversion
  • Data Storage - 1,25,000 samples
  • Display - 2 row 16 Character LCD display
  • Battery type - Rechargeable Li-ion battery with Charger
  • Data Retention - More that 5 years without power
  • Data Retrieval - USB interface for easy & fast downloading
  • Logging Time - 1 sec to 60 min. user selectable
  • Scanning Time - 1sec to 60 sec user selectable
  • Housing ABS plastic Dimn - 1105 mm X 80 mm X 55 mm
  • Weight - 200 gms

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Established in 1989, Renake Sales & Services specialises in manufacturing and trading activity in Process Control Instruments viz. Pressure, Humidity, Temperature and Air Flow. Having acquired authorized distributorship of Rotronic, Switzerland and Honeywell Sensym ICT, USA in 1997, Jupiter Electronics are leaders in process control instruments and marketing Pressure, Temperature, Humidity & Air Velocity Sensors and Transmitters.