Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

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  • Hobby EQ/DX

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The Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Hobby EQ/DX, has silenced motor; swivel front wheel; blower. Standard accessories: 1.5 metres long 35 mm flex hose; rigid extension tube; brush nozzle; master nozzle; wet nozzle; and fabric filter. ...

Technical Specifications

Motor: 1100 W/1400 W; suction: 1600 mmWG/1900 mmWG; air displacement: 160 m3/ hr/ 200 m3/ hr; tank capacity: 16 litres for both; voltage: 220 V for both & weight: 7.5 kg/8.5 kg.

Super Tech Equipment

The Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are sturdy and are meant in realistic term for Industrial Cleaning applications. They are continously rated for operation & yet are sturdy, portable & easy to handle. Multistage turbine blower generates high suction power. Negative Pressure & Air flow combined for outstanding performance.

The company when entered into this manufacturing field was well aware of the daunting task that to offer equipments which can perform consistently well only will enable the company to survive. Super Tech Equipment a Thane (Near Mumbai) based Company engaged in manufacturing Industrial Vacuum Cleaners & allied cleaning equipments / systems for over a decade.