Wet And Dry Cleaner

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  • TYPHOON 335

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Deluxe Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd offers Wet And Dry Cleaner. Designed for optimum suction power, the Typhoon 335 is an absolute solution for professional cleaning jobs. It has a large tank capacity of 335 litres and effectively picks up dirt, dust and liquids like nothing else can. With its high f...

Deluxe Cleaning Systems Private Limited

Established in 1960, Deluxe started as a small laundry service provider in Pune city. The company started with a basic processing unit and 1 distribution outlet. Slowly & gradually with growing experience and demand for laundry services, Deluxe started improving & automating its processing facilities. Imported finishing & dry-cleaning equipments were installed to improve quality. By the early 1990’s Deluxe had grown into a well-known laundry service provider in Pune region. In 1996, Deluxe ventured into a new industry providing cleaning equipment solutions to industrial & commercial organization. Deluxe took the sole India distributors for M/s Klenco (Singapore) who were leading suppliers of such products in South – East Asia with distributors in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Philippines. The product range included professional cleaning supplies, heavy duty de-dusting systems & full range of industrial & laundry chemicals. With headquarters in Pune, Deluxe developed a network of dealers across India to push sales of its large product range.