Weigh Feeders & Belt Scales With Torque Tube Articulation

Weigh Feeders & Belt Scales With Torque Tube Articulation

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The weigh feeders and belt scales incorporate unique SS torque tube articulation technology, which allows the mechanical off-set of dead load facilitating complete utilisation of the load cell output for live load measurement. In view of the high live load to dead load ratio and a SS torque tube art...

Kistler Morse Automation Limited

Kistler-Morse Automation Limited (KMAL) has been a solution provider in the field of Weight and Level catering to the needs of Process Control and Inventory Management. KMAL began its operations with collaborations from Kister-Morse Corporation and Autoweighing. During the last decade,KMAL has developed technical skills through strategic alliances with various Partners around the Globe. The name of KMAL has become synonymous with accuracy, consistency and reliability. KMAL as been awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certificate from BSI Management Systems during the year 2003.