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V-Sky Appliances consistently and reliably sent the most data across high latency, low-bandwidth satellite connections. The appliance compensates for satellite transmission delays, increases both effective bandwidth and throughput and delivers maximum network efficiency....

Viaedge Software Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

VIAEDGE is a respected networking product and consulting company. VIAEDGE networking product has been given due respect by Industry and has got place in the data center of the most of the respected Indian conglomerates. The company has been given the status of knowledge partner by clients. VIAEDGE don't believe the pushing the box concept but become the extended part of the IT Infrastructure team by transferring the knowledge.

VIAEDGE is a Business Intelligence Consulting company with expertise in all the areas needed to implement a successful Business Intelligence strategy for its clients. Viaedge has significant experience in the Analysis and Design of BI systems, the extraction, transformation & loading of data from across systems and the reporting and distribution of this information to the enterprise. Viaedge delivers an integrated set of business intelligence software and services that enables to not only navigate today's challenges, but also capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities.