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  • Supervac 32 Litres

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Roots Supervac is a compact, light weight, versatile vacuum cleaner with a unique filtration system. It ensures a very high level of cleanliness, hygiene and a dust-free and germ-free atmosphere. Ideal for domestic and institutional applications, Roots Supervac is ergonomically built, economically p...

Roots Multiclean Limited (Manufacturer)

RMCL started the manufacture of mechanised cleaning equipment in the early 1990s through a techno-financial collaboration with Hako Werke, Germany. The alliance became one of the most successful in the Indian industry.

Today, in India, RMCL is the largest manufacturer and exporter of cleaning equipment. A state of the art manufacturing facility and a comprehensive marketing and After Sales Service network, enabled the company to deliver optimum solutions for customer’s cleaning needs. Products from RMCL are built around eco friendly concepts and comply with international quality and safety norms.

Today, RMCL has grown into a leader in the Indian cleaning equipment manufacturing industry and has a significant market presence in the world market. Its domain expertise spans design, development and manufacture of cleaning equipment. Strategic alliances have strengthened its presence and broadened the scope of its product offerings. RMCL is also the exclusive representative in India for several well known and specialised manufacturers of cleaning equipment across the world.