Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

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V P S Technology India Pvt Ltd offers manual or fully automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines, which are suited ideally for aqueous and solvent-cleaning processes. An ultrasonic cleaning process with the help of ultrasonic cleaning machine is a mark of high quality cleaning of varied industrial compo...

VPS Technology India Private Limited

Started in 1994 by the group of technocrats, experts in process-oriented industries in the field of electronic, electrical and high precision mechanical components manufacturing, VPS Technology (I) Pvt. Ltd. strives for excellence in the automation field. They ventured in the field, by introducing to the Indian Industries, the Eco Friendly Cleaning chemicals replacing hazardous, and ozone depleting solvents, like Freon, TCE, PCE and fire hazardous petrochemical based solvents, as representatives of M/s NGL Cleaning Technology SA Switzerland, who have taken this concern much before the Montreal protocol to protect ozone layer and environment . www.ngl-group.com By modifying the solvent based cleaning systems to aqueous cleaning, we diversified becoming leaders in the market, in manufacturing and supplying of huge number of ultrasonic cleaning machines, industrial cleaning equipments, component cleaning equipments, material handling systems, Anodizing plants, Zinc coating plants, Tin platings, Hard chrome plating plants, etc,. These are widely used in Electronic, Automobile, Electroplating, FMCG, Hospital industries and many other segments like lens manufacturing industries, Opthalmic and precision lens industries for perfect cleaning hard coating and anti reflection coating of lenses.