Trefoil Clamps, Glassfiber Filled Moulded

Trefoil Clamps, Glassfiber Filled Moulded

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Trefoil clamps are used for high voltage single core cables where the current rating is high and 3 core cables are not available. Sumip trefoil clamps are used for laying single core cables in trefoil touching formation, which helps to maintain magnetic symmetry thereby avoiding electromagnetic h...

Technical Specifications

  • Tensile Modulus – 19000 kg/cm2
  • Flexural Modulus – 9750 kg/cm2
  • Izod Impact Strength – 8.0 kg cm/cm of notch
  • Volume Resistivity – 1014 to 1015 Ohm-Cm
  • Surface Resistivity – 1012 to 1013 Ohm; and
  • Melting Point – 216ºC