Tool Presetter

Tool Presetter

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Zoller India Pvt Ltd offers indiSET, a compact and sturdy Tool Presetter for the shopfloor to measure, set and inspect all kind of cutting tools. With its 23" TFT touch-screen 16:9 monitor the operator can conveniently see any information at a glance. indiSET delivers measuring results fast and prec...

Technical Specifications

    Tool holder spindle ISO 50 with integrated calibration edges (vacuum optionally)
  • Power-operated 4 x 90° spindle indexing for turning tools, 360° spindle brake to adjust tools
  • Heidenhain glass scales guarantee stability and precision; 23" TFT monitor with touch-screen operation and modern 16:9 format
  • Fast vision system for reliable user-independent measuring results
  • High resolution cutting edge inspection for tool wear analysis
  • Operating system Windows XP for embedded systems
  • Pentium-4 computer 3,0 GHz, Hyperthreading technology, 1024 MB main storage, I network connection onboard, 10/100/1000 MBit, I serial interface, 1 parallel interface, 8 interfaces USB 2.0, VGA-graphic onboard, DVD-RW-writer for data backup, hard disk 80 Gbyte
  • Operation via keypad, mouse and touch screen
  • Memory for 15.000 adapters and tool steps