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Sai Industries offers Titanium Heaters. It is offered for the corrosive solution baths with a wide range from 1 kV to 15 kV with all other alloy metals. Titanium heating coils of various sizes in all the wonder metals are available. The titanium baskets are strong and durable. Front and back are sma...

Sai Industries

SAI Industries and Associate companies are recognised as one of the leading Draw Bench manufacturers of copper, copper alloy and Bronzes-Semies for last more than three decades.

With moderate beginning in 1969 by experienced technocrats, SAI Industries have grown to manufacture full range of non-ferrous semies viz., Wires, Rods, Tubes, Flats/Strips, Profiles, Bus Bars, Bare Conductors, Commutator Sections, Con-Cast Products and Components hand in hand along with its following Associate companies: