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A Thyristor unit is a semiconductor device, which acts as a switch formed by two silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) in antiparallel. The benefits of thyristor units compared with electromechanical contactors are numerous: no moving parts, no maintenance and capacity to switch very fast. Thyristo...

Technical Specifications

  • Thyristor units are configurable via serial communication port for different types of input and firing modes.
  • RS485 communication and HB alarm are standard features. 
  • Current transformer is included in 3.5A model, for other models are mounted outside.
  • Universal input and firing are customer configurable via serial port. Single cycle, burst firing and phase angle can be configured adding also Soft Start facility. The change from one to the other firing can be done via serial port with PT1000 in ON condition.
  • Current rating: 3.5-15-25-35-45-60-90-110A
  • DIN rail mounting side by side

Procon Technologies Private Limited (Manufacturer)

PROCON is a realization of a dream visualized by us, in the year 1990, as an enthusiastic enterprise.
The basic objectives we set for ourselves then, were
  • To locate and manufacture products of a very high degree of Quality and market these by effectively conveying & demonstrating the Technical Strengths, even though the products may be new.
  • To emerge as a Technically Qualified Marketing Organization, which was the need of the hour.
  • To develop into a Customer Oriented Organization, with a high accent on `Service’
And to achieve these objectives, we invested primarily in Technical Qualifications, Modest Capital & a lot of Enthusiasm.
Today, within a span of 10 years , we have emerged as one of the leading Marketing Organizations in the country. If figures can be a measure, our group turnover is about Rs. 35 million. This is achieved through a team strength of 30 committed professionals. A floor space of nearly 3000 sq.ft. and assets worth about Rs. 3 million have added to our strength in all aspects of our functioning.
One key advantage of PROCON as a distributor is what we do beyond being a distributor. We add value to the products. Our manufacturing partners, one of them a Fortune 500 company, know the extent of our capabilities. They trust our engineers and understand the depth of our commitment to customers. They share in that commitment , and our customers enjoy the additional value from the synergy the partnering brings.