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Elmech Industries have developed a wide range of snap and normal action bimetallic thermostats under the brand name Elmi. These are small in size and offer accurate performance. They are rated at 6 A and 10 A, temperature range from ambient to 280°C and ideally suitable for protection and co...

Elmech Industries

ELMECH INDUSTRIES started its operation in Mumbai in 1978 and specialises in manufacture of Mechanical Thermostat, Thermal Fuse, Stem Type Thermostat, Thermal Overload Protector, Rotary Switches to cater to the requirement of Domestic electrical appliances such as Irons, Ovens, Grillers, Roti Makers, Snack & Sandwitch Toaster, Sterilizers, Storage & Instant Water Geysers, Boilers, Hot Plates etc.