Surface Metrology – MARSURF XC2/XC20

Surface Metrology – MARSURF XC2/XC20

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Mahr Metrology India (P) Ltd offers Surface Metrology product – Marsurf XC2/XC20. Marsurf XC2 is for entry-level, high-precision contour measurement, a fast, straightforward, cost-effective 2D contour measuring system increasingly winning out over other systems. MarSurf XC 20 is the top contour sy...

Mahr Metrology India Private Limited

Mahr is a middle-sized globally operating corporation. Traditionally, the name Mahr stands for industrial metrology, for quality and for innovation. Along with highly valuable measurement devices for workpiece geometry, Mahr manufactures high precision spinning pumps and rotary stroke bearings as construction elements in its product range.

The power of technical innovation and a goal-oriented focus on quality characterize successful corporations. Without metrology, neither of these would be possible! Measurement equipment verifies the results of research and development. It dominates the area of qualilty. Technological progress itself depends on the further development of metrology.