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Stretch Film

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Stretch Film is wrapped around items and pallets. It is an affordable way to protect pallet load as well as keep items clean during transport. It is available as hand stretch film and machine stretch film rolls. Its elastic properties keep items tightly bound together for packaging, shipping, and st...

Qingdao Taiyue Plastics Co., Ltd. (Manufacturer)

As a manufacturer of plastic packaging materials, Qingdao Taiyue Plastics Co., Ltd. engages itself in research, development, production and marketing at the same time. This company offers a wide range of plastic packaging materials such as bubble film, bubble bags, anti-static bubble film, multilaminated film, EPE sticked with bubble film, foil insulation and stretch film, which are widely used in export packaging for electronic products, foods, fitness facilities, high quality arts and crafts, insulation for construction etc.