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Arani Power Systems is one of the premier suppliers of Steam Turbines in India up to 40 MW with inlet steam parameters ranging from 65 ata/500°C up to 100 ata/525°C. Always on the cutting edge, the company offers a wide array of technological options to meet the most challenging energy requirement...

Arani Power Systems

Arani Power Systems is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of steam turbines in the range between 5 to 45 MW. The range of Steam Turbines is up to 45 Megawatts with inlet steam parameters ranging from 65ata/500 deg C up to 105ata/525 deg C. Arani Power Systems maintains highest quality standard with bi-annual audits and have implemented rigid processes, statistical analyses, as well as continuous training methodology, to govern all facets of daily operations.

The equipment and systems of M/S Arani can meet the following standards of Turbine: IEC 45, CSN080030, DIN1943, ASMEPTC6, API612, API613, API614, VDI 2056, VDI 2059. Condenser: HEI, TMEA. Piping: ASME B31. The company provide value-added services that include Engineering improvements, Erection,&commissioning, supply of replaceable components and troubleshooting with strong and dedicated team based in various zones of India.