Stainless Steel Belt Coolers

Stainless Steel Belt Coolers

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Holtzman Systems Limited has designed a range of Stainless Steel Belt Coolers. These are available in belt width 1200 mm, capacity 50 TPH and length up to 50 metres. These are claimed to be the first ever import substitute designed and installed by the company for conveying and processing hot liquid...

Holtzman Systems Limited

Founded in the year 1990, Holtzman Systems Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of conveyor systems that are used to carry heavy loads. A part of Holtzman Group of Companies, a well renowned name in the industrial sector, we have grown at a fast pace to establish our products. Over the years, we have been producing conveyor systems that are widely used in different industries. Our product range includes: belt conveyor, bucket elevator, coal handling system, gravity roller conveyor, overhead chain & power roller conveyor, screw conveyor, stainless steel belt conveyor, screw-feeder, bulk material handling systems for ports, overhead conveyor for tea, leather, jute, auto & dairy industry.

Making in roads in the international arena through our high performing products and efficient services, we have been trusted by a large number of clients across the globe. Till today, we have more than 500 installations in national as well as international sites.Located in Srilanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda.