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Standard Materials Agencies Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of Sprockets.

All toothed wheels look like sprockets but never performs alike. That makes the purchase of sprockets critical. A toothed wheel bought in place of a sprocket not only adds but multiplies the problems, because a toothed w...

Standard Materials Agencies Pvt Ltd

About 50 years ago, when marketing was not so organized and was in its infant stage, SMA set up a marketing organization. The intention was to feed the then burgeoning, scattered textile industry with textile machinery components. An import division was formed which gave the Indian Textile industry access to the most sophisticated foreign components. Envisaging the possibilities in other spheres, SMA within a short period established facilities to cater to the original equipment manufacturers in the field of Steel, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Power, Sugar, Cement, Glass, Paper and other industries throughout India. This resulted in diversification into practically all types of power transmission products including Chains, Sprockets, gear Boxes, Couplings and specialized items like Conveyors, Material Handling Equipment etc.