Solar LED Lantern and Bio Cook Stove

Solar LED Lantern and Bio Cook Stove

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Supernova Technologies offers an innovative Solar LED Lantern and Bio Cook Stove. In this modern era, nothing is impossible; technology is growing very fast at a very high speed for the masses, but some parts of the society are left out with basic needs with apparently no solution. But since technol...

Supernova Technologies Pvt Ltd

Supernova Technologies are pioneers in the Manufacture and Research of technology which is new in modern society and committed to excellence.

Supernova Technologies, manufactures stand alone wind generators with indigenous standard materials, To generate power at low wind speed which is commonly and freely available in coastal, hilly and desert areas. The power can be used directly or by storing it in the battery bank and consuming it indirectly by an inverter.

Wind as the primary source, costs nothing and can be used profitably. There is no need for an extensive infrastructure as required for a grid supply network. Supernova Wind Generator will function where no grid connections are available or where grid staggering.