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Measuretest Instruments offers Smoke Generators. The MiniColt 4SP has been designed for air flow testing, visualization tests, and particle recovery work. It is a completely portable unit and has the ability to produce anything from a small wisp of artificial smoke to a large plume, on and off th...

Measuretest Instruments

Founded in 1990, MeasureTest acts as authorized distributors in India for American, British and Japanese manufacturers of scientific, analytical and process control Instruments. MeasureTest specializes in Cleanroom Monitoring equipment for the pharmaceutical, electronics and Automobile Industries. Airborne Particle counters, Aerosol Photometers for HEPA Filter Leak Testing, Smoke Generators for Air Flow Pattern Studies, Liquid Particle Counting for small and large volume injectables are marketed by us. Backed by the founder Sheesh Gulati’s formidable over 5 decades experience in the field, MeasureTest has a major share in the Indian market for the various products. Efficient after sales, service and calibration support is provided from offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad. With emerging, evolving technology, the requirement of maintaining a clean environment is increasing rapidly.