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Slingset manufactures SM multi-legged slings among its range of material handling equipment. This is ideal for lifting large objects with multiple lifting points and an asymmetrical centre of gravity. Slingset multi-legged slings are combined with twin path bridle, G-links and other custom hardware ...


Slingset® slings, Qureishi Enterprises Mumbai is the exclusive markets which offer the widest range of synthetic lifting slings available in India. It is the only genuine TWIN - PATH® sling available. It has a countrywide network of 30 business associates spread all over India and it's Head Office in Mumbai (Bombay) and branch offices in Pune and Calcutta. Qureishi Enterprises was the first Company to introduce the concept of Polyester lifting slings in India in 1990, and since then has converted many multinational and top Industrial Companies in switching from using wire rope to synthetic fiber slings. The Company is managed by professionals and is headed by Saif Qureishi, an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Banglore. The Vice President (based in Calcutta), Ananda Kumar Maitra, is also an MBA and widely experienced in marketing and launching of new products.