Signal Converters, Isolators & Transmitters

Signal Converters, Isolators & Transmitters

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Protocontrol offers Signal Converters, Isolators and Transmitters, which are to isolate and convert field signals like resistance, current, voltage, and frequency to 4-20 mA. These isolators find use in process control industries for signal isolation. Variety of models is available for specific appl...

Protocontrol Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd. (Manufacturer)

Protocontrol Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of world-class electronic instruments & electromechanical instruments. The brand Protocontrol is well known in India as well as in the global market because of its superior quality, technical superiority, precision electronic instruments, precision electromechanical instruments, performance & durability.

The company manufacture variety of Electronic Instruments and Electromechanical Instruments that includes Electronic Sensors, Indicators and Electromechanical Controllers for sensing Position, Oscillation, Rotational Speed, Linear speed, Displacement, Direction, Level, Weight, Humidity, Temperature, Pressure & Vibration. We also offer complete turnkey automation solutions. The company design, install and commission complex data acquisition & control and automation package specially designed for clients.